‘Tis the Season

By now, those of us who attend worship somewhere most likely have noticed that ‘tis the season for financial commitment programs – what many church leaders call “stewardship campaigns.” It’s when we think about God’s overwhelming generosity of blessings in our lives, and respond by financially supporting God’s work right here on earth, primarily through our local church.

Although it’s a customary term, “campaign” is an odd word to use, since it implies either a military action or a political one – neither of which point to the fullness of generous-hearted living! And yes, “stewardship” includes our giving money, but it’s also so much more – from gratitude to firstfruits living; from care for relationships to use of time; from justice advocacy to wise financial management; from spiritual formation to all of our nonverbal, passionate witness.

But whatever words we use, hopefully our hearts are in the right place. Hopefully we’re thinking about God’s gifts of forgiveness and love; of life and all creation; of Jesus Christ; of the Holy Spirit; of our lives and all that go with them. Hopefully we’re praying, watching and listening for the Creator-Redeemer’s words and presence specifically to us. Whatever our finances, hopefully we’re responding to God with a whole-hearted “Yes!” and eagerly participating in God’s work.

May every time of the year be this kind of season.

Your partner in ministry,

Betsy Schwarzentraub