Another Look at the Book of Job

Who knew that reading the Book of Job would be about so much more than just Generous Stewards painting of the burning bush or creationdealing with unfair suffering – as if that weren’t enough! Chapter by chapter, the Book breaks down our conventional wisdom that denies the suffering of innocents. Reading it is not for the faint of heart!

But as I read Job chapter 38 again, I realize this Bible Book is not only about God’s justice, or even about God’s mercy, but also about God’s creation. It’s not just about power: Who created whom, Who is in charge, and the inconceivable gap between the Holy One and our mortal selves. It is also about God’s creativity.

Who has the will, the desire, the love for us and for all creatures – as well as the Being – to be able and willing to create us and sustain us in life? And Who chooses to redeem us from the worst of our use of free will?

Amazing! Beautiful. Radiant. The God of the cosmos and of our deepest souls.

Your partner in wonder,
Betsy Schwarzentraub