Thanksgiving Prayer

Here is a beautiful prayer we can use as the grace at our Thanksgiving table or as a prayer to give thanks any time of the year. Delightful stewardship consultant Cesie Delve Scheuermann shared it in her Inspiring Generosity column on November 24, 2021.

Prayer of Thanksgiving
By Vienna Cobb Anderson                                                                                        

God of all blessings,
Source of all life,
Giver of all grace:

We thank you for the gift of life:
For the breath that sustains life,
For the food of this earth that nurtures life,
For the love of family and friends
Without which there would be no life…

We thank you for setting us in communities:
For families who nurture our becoming,
For friends who love us by choice,
For companions at work,
Who share our burdens and daily tasks,
For strangers who welcome us into their midst,
For people from other lands who call us to grow in understanding,
For children who lighten our moments with delight,
For the unborn who offer us hope for the future.

We thank you for this day:
For life and one more day to love,
For opportunity and one more day to work for justice and peace,
For neighbors and one more person to love and by whom be loved,
For your grace and one more experience of your presence…

For these, and all blessings, we give you thanks, eternal, loving God,
Through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

 Betsy Schwarzentraub