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Three Steps for Victory

Who ever thought that doing planned giving could be like performing a triathlon? While swimming, bicycling and running sounds a whole lot harder to me, when I read “The Three Parts of Victory”1 it made perfect sense. When someone wants to compete, he or she needs to do three things: • Commit to a plan,…

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Patient Love

“Planned giving is patient love,” says Phyllis Bowers, Executive Director of the U. M. Stewardship Foundation (Susquehanna Conference, Pennsylvania). “[It is] active sharing beyond life through a purposeful legacy.” Most of us are blessed to have loved ones in the here and now, but we also care about our children, grandchildren, and those who will…

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Heart, Character, Wills and Trusts

Here’s a great reminder of why we make planned gifts in any form! “Wills and trusts form a profound and lasting impression of what we affectionately hold deep in our hearts. We use them to honor congregations, church institutions, and our favorite charities by naming percentages or fixed dollar amounts. We can also use them…

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