One-Liners for Shared Mission

One-Liners About Your Shared Mission for Your Church Bulletin, Website, or Newsletter

Shared Mission is our coordinated connectional ministries a way to reach out to transform lives beyond the reach of any single congregation.
Not a tax but real, live ministry! Through our shared mission, we sustain vital work through hundreds of channels nearby and around the world.
Thanks to our shared mission, more than 800 fulltime mission personnel work on our behalf around the globe, when disaster strikes, in ongoing ministry and self-development, as the Body of Christ at work in the world.
Giving is an act of faith: faith in God at work through the multiple ministries of the United Methodist Church in the world.
Ministry comes in extended forms, when we give for Christ’s work beyond our local community through our shared mission, giving through our church’s worldwide connection.
Shared mission gifts empower people who serve others in the name of Christ on your behalf.
Shared mission changes people’s lives, renew them, save them and give them hope.
Our network works! Our shared mission empowers people committed to Christ through the connectional system of ministries.
Shared mission means people of faith are in serving for Christ’s church in the world: our way of living out our faith.
Sharing in our mission creates “a portion meant for others”, in our district, conference and around the world.
Thanks to our shared mission, the Conference Center is a gathering place for ministries beyond the work of conference staff. In any given year, dozens of groups use the building in West Sacramento, coming from our local churches, districts, conference and denomination. Thanks to you, we have a gathering place to share.
Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians that our good works cause others to praise God, as proof that our deeds are as good as our doctrine. Supporting our shared mission work allows members of our faith to connect with one another in doing good deeds are the world, every day.
When an earthquake strikes San Francisco, the Church is there with relief. When a typhoon hits Hawaii or an earthquake tears apart El Salvador, the Church is there with relief. When a hurricane blows through the Carolinas or floods ravage the Midwest, the Church is there with relief. Our shared mission helps clothe, feed and house people in need, all because of Jesus.