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Curiosity — Stewarding Our Attention

This past weekend on retreat, I was thrilled to get reacquainted with curiosity as one of the seven key attributes named by Lacy Ellman in her book, Pilgrim Principles. Last year I wrote about two studies of curiosity among Millennials, in my blog, Generous Stewards – Curious and Creative. It was exciting to think of…

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J.S. Bach, gospel steward through music

Today, this year, March 31st is the 331st anniversary of the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the greatest composers of all time, whose musical works expressed the very height of baroque music. Doing some research, I discovered that the term baroque refers to an irregularly-shaped or oddly-colored pearl. This word led to the…

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The worship season of “Epiphany” emphasizes the ways God’s being and presence are “manifest” or revealed in our lives. We think particularly of Jesus Christ himself as showing us Who God is. But there are countless other expressions of God, as well, including the Scriptures, all of creation, and evidence of the Holy Spirit’s actions…

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