Funding Your Ministries

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What is a Narrative Budget, and How Can It Help Us?

By Generous Stewards | January 8, 2014

Every congregation has a Line Item Budget. This budget form reports income and expenses, line by line, so the church’s committees can monitor their activities internally, making sure that expenditures don’t exceed income by categories throughout the year. But a Line Item Budget is not a motivating tool! It is not inspiring (even to those…

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Having a Mission-Based Financial Commitment Program

By Generous Stewards | August 1, 2013

We talk about mission. We do mission. So how can we make our church’s annual financial commitment program mission-based, instead of sounding like one more “sell job” about our church’s programs? 1. Keep the main thing the Main Thing. Most people really do hear what we say. It’s just that they have lots of buttons…

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