Plenty of stewardship programs out there offer some good ideas, yet fail to provide leaders with practical help, such as sermons, orders of worship, email messages, letters, newsletter announcements, and marketing tools.

Other programs talk a little bit about the role of giving in spiritual life, but do not involve church members in thinking and praying about their financial discipleship on a day-to-day basis.
Built on Bishop Robert Schnase’s groundbreaking book Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations, this program succeeds where others fail because it offers all the components you need to implement the program simultaneously into Sunday services, small-group studies, and members’ devotional time.

Resources include:
* A program guide for leaders that covers all aspects of the campaign, from detailed plans for each of the four Sunday services, to marketing materials, to email messages and letters designed for specific groups in the congregation – all on CD-ROM

* An overview timeline, providing quick information on what happens during each week of the stewardship campaign

* A book of devotions for each church member, leading them through the Scriptures covered during each of the four weeks, encouraging them to understand financial discipleship in terms of their own mission to build God’s kingdom

* A small-group leader’s guide for Sunday school and other small groups

* A DVD with video segments for four group study sessions plus short clips for use in worship