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Estate Planning

Why would we want to do estate planning? For a start, we may have questions like these: + How can I be sure who will care for my children if a tragedy strikes me? + How could I best care financially for my aging parents? + Is there a way to give a gift to…

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Ideas for Celebrating a Local Church Endowment in Worship

Call to Worship Song:         “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”        UM Hymnal No. 400 Litany: Gracious, giving God, You have blessed us with every gift, and especially with the gift of Jesus, who came that we all might have abundant and eternal life. We give You our hearts and our lives! We…

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Good News and Taxes

Okay, so we are getting closer to the U.S. tax deadline of April 15. It’s not as easy anymore (if it ever was for us) to just turn over our financial plans or receipts and have someone else do it for us: a spouse, an administrative assistant, a doctor or even an employer. These days,…

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