Dimensions of Stewardship

Stewardship is the way we manage all that God has entrusted to us. Which stewardship dimensions are strengths in your church? In which areas would you like to grow? What would you want to teach?

Stewardship of Lifestyle and of the Environment

Caring for the earth and all creatures; finding a balance between work and rest

“Money, Values and Discipleship”

“Moving Toward Simpler Living”

Contact your conference officer related to Church and Society workshops and resources.

Funding the Church

Discovering ways to be creative and ministry-based in our yearly stewardship funding effort

“Creating a Climate for Generous Giving”

“Funding the Church”

“Annual Stewardship Campaigns”

“Funding Outside the Box” (grants, etc.)

Church Financial Management

Developing a church budget that’s clear and mission-focused; providing audits and effective financial accountability

“Designing the Local Church Budget”

“Narrative Budgets: Building Them and Using Them to Communicate Your Mission”

Personal and Family Financial Management

Getting free of captivity to money and credit; moving toward debt-free living

“Drawing the ENOUGH Line”

“Generational Stewardship”

“Empowering Stewardship Among Young Adults”

Time, Talents and Spiritual Gifts

Expressing the gospel through our time, talents, and personal involvement; developing a spiritual gifts-based ministry

“SpiritGifts” retreat

“Equipped for Every Good Work”

Planned Gifts, Trusts and Wills

Helping individuals know our options for giving to ministries in future generations; promoting planned giving and the local church endowment fund

“Nine Ways to Make a Planned Gift to Last Forever!”

“Why Endowments?”

“Setting Up a Local Church Endowment Fund”

Proportionate Giving and Tithing

Learning to give the first and the best to God and managing the rest according to God’s priorities

“‘Holy Smoke!’ Firstfruits Living”

Stewardship Education (biblical, theological)

Exploring stewardship in the context of Scripture in a variety of life situations

“Biblical Stewardship” retreat

“Biblical Stewardship” workshop

Shared Ministry & Mission Interpretation

Sharing stories of personal transformation thanks to our connectional giving and local mission involvement

Create a display of shared-ministry missions to circulate among the churches or use in your congregation

Plan and publicize speakers to share stories about how people’s lives have changed thanks to generous giving

Create videos and share them through social media