Stewardship and Culture” online course

Betsy Schwarzentraub teaches a yearly online course called “Stewardship and Culture.” The course assists participants to engage and critique the society and church culture in which they live. Students will: assess Western assumptions about achievement; examine consumerism to help shatter the myth of more; review the influence of marketing and technology; and strengthen a culture of generosity in their congregation.


“Afire With God”

Annual Financial Commitment Programs

Biblical Stewardship retreat

Brainstorming Writing Markets

Building a Generosity Plan

Building Your Author's Platform

Connectional Giving

Creating a Climate for Generous Giving

Creating Your Legacy

Designing the Local Church Budget

Developing Your Local Church Generosity Plan

Dimensions of Stewardship

Drawing the ENOUGH Line (money, possessions and lifestyle)

Encouraging Connectional Giving for Our Shared Ministries

Endowment Giving

Endowments and Planned Giving

“Extravagant Generosity: The Heart of Giving”

Funding Outside the Box

Funding the Church

Generational and Post-Modern Stewardship

Grace-Full Giving: Annual Financial Commitment Programs

Growing Generosity in Real-Sized Congregations (smaller churches)

Growing Generosity in Your Church

Growing Generous Hearts: Year-Round Stewardship

Growing Generous Souls

Growing Stewards in the Local Church

“Holy Smoke!” First Fruits Living

Money and More: Creating a Culture of Generosity in Changing Economic Times

Money and More: Growing Generous Souls

Money, Values and Discipleship

More than Money

Moving Toward Simpler Living

Nine Ways to Make a Planned Gift to Last Forever

Not to Own But to Share (biblical stewardship)

Planning a Culture of Generosity

Planning for Extravagant Generosity

Preparing for a Capital Campaign

Setting Up a Local Church Endowment Fund

Spirited Stewardship

“Spirit Gifts” Retreat

Stewardship and Culture

Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship for Mission

Teamwork, Time and Talent

Three “L” Academy: Learning, Living and Leading Stewardship

Vision Retreat

What’s GOD Got to Do With It? (biblical stewardship)

Why Endowments?

Writing for Religious Markets