Christ Is for All!

Jesus Christ came to show God’s love for us all, with no exceptions! Despite the devastating decision of the recent United Methodist General Conference, thousands, even millions of us United Methodists gladly welcome LGBTQ people into every aspect of the church and ministry. In addition, there are currently 973 Reconciling Congregations across the U.S., and 35,731 Reconciling United Methodists.

Much of the Traditionalist Plan that the General Conference voted had already been ruled unconstitutional according to the denomination’s own constitution, and will not be allowed to be implemented. Major changes will take place in the coming months.

Here is a welcome to you from all of the Bishops of our Western Jurisdiction, who lead the United Methodist Church in the western third of the United States. No matter what happens, you are not alone. God is with you, and so are we.

Your partner in ministry,
Betsy Schwarzentraub