Nurturing Generous Living

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Generosity – “T” for Trust

By Generous Stewards | September 1, 2013

When we experience “Generosity” as both recipients and givers, we see that the “T” can stand for trust. Generously sharing our personal involvement, relationships and resources naturally flows out of trust in God, including the assurance that God will meet our needs. Actually that’s what “faith” means – not a specific set of beliefs in…

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Generosity – “S” for Spiritual Deepening

By Generous Stewards | July 1, 2013

Through life’s ups and downs, we are either growing or withering away. Whenever we seek to live generously, it puts us on the side of growing. So the “S” in “Generosity” can stand for spiritual deepening. How does this happen? As we focus on God’s abundant grace in the gift of God’s love in our…

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Generosity – “O” for Outreach

By Generous Stewards | June 1, 2013

When we seek to spell out “Generosity” with our lives, the “O” can stand for outreach: reaching out to others with Jesus’ quality of compassion and care. The point of outreach is not to bring people “into” the church, but to help them “be” the church, part of the Body of Christ, wherever they are.…

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Generosity – “R” for Relationships

By Generous Stewards | May 1, 2013

The “R” in “Generosity” highlights relationships. Healthy relationships weave an interconnecting web of friends, neighbors, family, church members, community folks, and people around the world whom we may never meet but for whom we pray. All of these relationships are gifts God has entrusted to us to enjoy, strengthen and share. While we usually experience…

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Moving From Scarcity to Contentment

By Generous Stewards | April 1, 2013

“If some is good, more is better.” That message echoes all around us, calling us to pursue more money, more things, more recognition, more power. Money is seen as the key to all the “more” we can imagine. At some level, this insatiable desire taps into a primal instinct on our parts: making sure we…

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Generosity – “E” for Engagement in the World

By Generous Stewards | April 1, 2013

“The place God calls you to,” says Frederick Buechner, “is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” When we hear God’s call and seek to live out “Generosity,” the second “E” becomes engagement in the world. People get personally involved when they follow their passions, naturally expressing their faith in…

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Generosity – “N” for Natural Growth in Giving

By Generous Stewards | March 1, 2013

The “N” in “Generosity” points to natural growth in giving. God intends for us to enjoy giving for God’s purposes, wherever that may be, flowing naturally out of maturing faith. People grow in their involvement, often starting with a one-day mission project and then expanding as they learn about the cause, how they can help,…

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Generosity – “E” for Energy

By Generous Stewards | February 1, 2013

When we live generously, the “E” stands for energy: an interior energy that comes from God, and the mutual energy of giving to and receiving from others as part of a faith community. The Greek word for energy means “effective activity.” It describes being vividly alive, productive and in active service. In the New Testament,…

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Generosity – “G” for Gratitude

By Generous Stewards | January 1, 2013

When it comes to spelling out “Generosity” with our lives, the “G” is definitely gratitude. It’s easy to feel gratitude to God in this season of Epiphany, when we celebrate in worship all the ways God has shown God’s love to us, especially through Jesus Christ. But also in these quieter post-Christmas days, we can…

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Benefits of Giving and Generous-Hearted Living

By Generous Stewards | March 1, 2012

When we give of ourselves in order to help someone else, something great happens – to the giver as well as to the receiver. That’s amazing! In Why Good Things Happen to Good People, Dr. Stephen Post refers to numerous scientific studies – meaning actually measurable changes – that show benefits to the giver’s level…

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