The worship season of “Epiphany” emphasizes the ways God’s being and presence are “manifest” or revealed in our lives. We think particularly of Jesus Christ himself as showing us Who God is. But there are countless other expressions of God, as well, including the Scriptures, all of creation, and evidence of the Holy Spirit’s actions around and within us.

But even this is not all. On Epiphany Sunday a year ago, our pastor said, “The commitments we make and how we go about keeping them make God more manifest, more tangible, more real, more present in this world.”

I keep pondering his statement, knowing it has everything to do with being a steward of the Good News. God is real whether we recognize the fact or not. But whenever we see people act justly and compassionately and follow-through on caring commitments, then we are able to see God more clearly at work in the world. Who we are and what we do can be a “manifestation” or “epiphany” of God.

May who you are and what you do shine brightly with the light of God’s love!

Your partner in ministry,

Betsy Schwarzentraub